Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Small Change?

I've followed Peter Gill's work as best I can ever since I moved to London (interest originally piqued by the fact that he's my father's cousin and has written several plays set in Cardiff).

Idly googling him last night to see if he has got up to anything accessible to me since last year's Voysey Inheritance, I came across the picture below at this website.

Graduates and stars of the Royal Court Theatre, 1969. Standing (left to right): David Cregan, playwright; Jack Shephard, actor; Sir Laurence Olivier; Anthony Page; John Osborne. Seated: Christopher Hampton, resident dramatist; Joan Plowright; Peter Gill, Jill Bennett, Victor Henry (Jimmy Porter in the revival of Look Back in Anger), Edward Bond. On Floor: Kenneth Haigh, the original Jimmy Porter.

There is a larger version of the photo here. For all my antipathy to Jimmy Porter (I can never understand why Cliff doesn't punch him in the bracket) that is gobsmacking company and certainly a long way from Splott. I always knew Gill was eminent, but I'm not sure I realised he was quite so precociously exalted.

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