Thursday, May 31, 2007

I Am Still Active

It's two years today since I first entered the hallowed portals of the new Virgin Active gym.

I weighed in at around thirteen stone on the bathroom scales in Wales this morning (it is difficult to read the analogue scale accurately) but I am undoubtedly a lot lighter than I was in the middle of 2005 when I estimate I was over fifteen stone.

I was down to 14 stone by November 2005, then 13 stone 3 in March 2006, before going into reverse and getting back to 14 stone again in July 2006; a weight where I seem to have stayed until Dave suggested the Childline Challenge and Triathblog was born.

What I've learned is that what works (and I hope will continue to work for me) is almost fitness by blogging; daily recording of efforts and results reinforcing discipline and demonstrating progress.

In retrospect it is clear today that I gained ten or eleven pound in the second half of 2006 when I stopped recording my weight regularly. QED.

This morning I did my standard Cardiff run in 30 minutes 20 seconds which is five minutes and 43 seconds faster than I did it on April 15 in the run up to the Challenge. Just knowing these numbers gives me a huge boost plus an appetite to break half an hour the next time I go out on it.

Given the way that I'm wired, that is the way to do it.

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