Friday, April 13, 2007

Lucky Day

Due to a combination of stupidity and incompetence, seasoned with "Friday 13th" voodoo, I am to blame for a write-off level mangling of the New Ninja Bomber's pushbike, and I've had to take him to Halfords today to get a new ride.

It is a startling indication of the rate at which children develop that he his now aboard a 21 gear, 12" frame, 24" wheel machine. It would have been unthinkable that he could tame such a beast six months ago when I got him his last one as a birthday present.

He asked me this morning when I got back from training if he could compete in a triathlon as well. Googling round today I have found that there are indeed such things as Children's Triathlons and that there is a Tristart category of race that you can enter in the year of your eighth birthday, which means he could do it next year.

A Tristart race seems to average out at around a 50m swim, followed by an 800m bike ride, and a 600m run so it is a least a possibility for 2008.

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