Saturday, April 07, 2007


I fell off the wagon yesterday, my excuse being that it would have been churlish not to support the Replay Festival at GJs. Never mind, a new day dawns.

I've come up with a training related idea to give Yahoo Pipes a test run and built a quick pipe here.

It takes the RSS feed from Triathblog and filters out all the posts except mine, and combines it with my RSS feed from

All very quick and easy. Graphical programming like this soon reveals its limitations but I've liked it ever since I tried Borland ObjectVision back in the nineties.

It is good to be able to gather training records together from different sources like this. I wish I could get at Virgin's Technogym records in a similar way.

It's all food for thought. I'm gradually coming over to Marc Canter's way of thinking vis-a-vis Digital Lifestyle Aggregators.

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