Saturday, April 14, 2007

Knees Don't Lie

I played 5-a-side football last night for the first time in 24 years, my last outing coming when I was a graduate trainee at Fluor doing the EP1 course in Twickenham.

I turned out yesterday to fill a gap in my brother's team. He plays every fortnight at "Cardiff 5 A Side". This, the home of Boca Seniors and Real Madras, is situated in the kind of semi abandoned warehouse district to which it would be a worry to be driven by Tony Soprano.

We had the pitch for an hour and I scored two goals, one in the ninetieth second of the game and one with the clock reading thirty five minutes. In other words in the very earliest part of each half. This gives you a good idea of the pattern of my contribution.

My wind was quite good from all my endurance training, but the stops, starts, twists, and sprints played merry hell with my joints.

Great night though.

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