Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Up, Up, and Away

No time to blog today as we are hosting the bi-annual Bumblebee User Group meeting.

Worth noting however that at the time of the equivalent meeting last year, Bumblebee Auctions month running average rank of Bumblebee Auctions was 246,829 accoring to Alexa, and today it is 140,516, so we are still going in the right direction.

Cracking the top 150,000 sites in the world is a real achievement I think. I wonder what rank that would give us in the UK?

To take the numbers for a walk, assume that a third of the most popular sites are in each of Asia, America and Europe, and assume again that that perhaps a quarter of the most popular European sites are in the UK, that would put us in the top 12,500 in the domestically.

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