Sunday, January 14, 2007

Somebody Up There Likes Me

More4, the UK TV channel, started showing all the West Wing from the beginning at 8pm on Sundays last August.

I stumbled serendipitously on it last week for the first episode of series two. This week I have finished my boxed set of the first series, so I am booked up from 8 until 9 on Sunday evenings today and for the next sixty three weeks.

I wonder if the "Music by W.G. Snuffy Walden" credit will still seem quite so funny in a year and a quarter? I think it probably will.

There is still a hole in my life where series 1 episodes 9 to 12 should be, but I hope to fill that early in February by borrowing a disc. AOL won't let me watch the missing installments via VOD because I am a European cheese-eating surrender monkey, and I can't get the West Wing on Channel 4 on Demand either. It is as if studios push you towards piracy if you want to get hold of anything digitally.

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