Friday, January 12, 2007

New Ninja Bomber

What can I tell ya?

Between my picking him up from school, and his head hitting the pillow last night, my little hot house flower:

  • swam like a fish in the Virgin Active pool
  • raced through his homework
  • kicked like a mule in Muay Thai, then
  • (fanfare) blew the second target to kingdom come and sent Jabba's barge down.
Massive props to Dan via Chris and Sam via Rob for their help with the latter, I really thought that it was a bug that we would never get beyond but Ben pulled it off while I was in the kitchen.

In honour of this occasion, as Nicholas Browne is A Welsh Born Icon, and Paul Robert Fright is The Profit Burglar, henceforth Benjamin Browne shall be the New Ninja Bomber.

There is something of the Freudian slip I think about my anagrams. God knows where my subconscious would lead me if I tried to dream one up for his mother. Some things are best left alone.

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