Thursday, January 04, 2007

Childline Challenge

After talking to Rob yesterday, I've pretty much decided to do the Swansea Childline Challenge on 22 April. (Odd to think that Dave A is behind both my New Years resolutions.)

Here is the skinny:
The challenge takes the format of a cycle, swim and run like a triathlon, but much less strenuous and in a different order. We set off from the Pier End of the Knab rock car park along the Mumbles front cycle path to the War memorial near St Helens, back down to the bottom of Sketty Lane car park. Drop off the bikes and helmet .... Then we run up to the National Swimming pool and complete 10 lenghts of the 50 metre pool, followed by a run back down Sketty Lane along the pedestrian path, towards the Pier end of the Knab rock car park.

Rob reckons that's about 8km of cycling and a 4km run plus the swim, and I was still sufficiently enthused last night - after Miss Brunner had picked up my six year old - to get down Virgin Active and check myself out against it, and was pleased to find that I'm already reasonably comfortable with the distances on an exercise bike and a treadmill followed by 20 lengths of the 25m pool. It took about an hour and a half including messing about setting up and moving between machines etc. so I should be able to fit it in a couple of times a week for training over the next few months and it might help shift a few Christmas pounds as a bonus.

The only fly in the ointment is that it became clear to me that - although I can swim - I am pretty slow and don't have any technique to speak of at all. My boy is starting his swimming lessons in Virgin Active again today after the holiday break. Maybe I'll get his teacher to coach me for a couple of sessions.

Anyone fancy sponsoring me for a good cause?

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