Monday, January 22, 2007


Chris has posted a charming story about his little boy taking his Shark Boy and Lava Girl DVD to a restaurant, and having it played by the staff.

I remember thinking when I saw it with the New Ninja Bomber, that it was amazing how the film inhabited a child's imaginary world and that it must have been an extraordinary feat of empathy to pull it off.

I've since discovered that part of the explanation is that the inspiration for the movie was a tale that the director Robert Rodriguez's son Racer, then 7, made up about a boy who grew gills and a fin and became half-shark, and a girl who incorporated fiery volcanic elements. Robert encouraged his son to keep working on it, and there is a "story by Racer Max Rodriguez" credit on the finished film.

Robert Rodriguez's "Spy Kids" movies are great entertainment for children as well and also have the added advantage that Dads can watch them appreciating Carla Gugino as the Spy Kids mum but remembering her in Sin City. You can do this with her supporting role in Night at the Museum as well.

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