Saturday, January 27, 2007

Speaking as an adopted gay Catholic . . .

"Speaking as an adopted gay Catholic ..." an interesting and perhaps even wise piece from today's Telegraph, with probably the best headline since "Sex change Bishop in Mercy Dash to Palace".

One pedantic canard; the Church doesn't say that homosexuals are "intrinsically disordered", it says that homosexual inclinations are "objectively disordered", thus:

This orientation of one's sexual attraction is judged "objectively disordered" because it inclines people in ways contrary to the masculine/feminine complementarity which the Catholic tradition takes to be normative, and which society normally presumes, so the Catechism suggests that it "constitutes for most of them a trial." Yet the inclination itself cannot be sinful, even though objectively it may be said to be disordered, since it is "deep-seated" rather than freely chosen, with its sources "unexplained," so its being "objectively" part of us can hardly be our responsibility.

I just pass it on. I've banged this drum before and the chance of any subtle distinction getting airtime in the media scrum is less than zero.

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