Saturday, May 13, 2006

Sapphic Session

This week we arrived at Greece in our ongoing campaign to eat our way around the world in London.

I came across the Sappho Meze Bar (9 Clapham High Street, SW4 7TS) a couple of weeks ago when I had to walk back to the office from Stockwell when the Northen Line was out: I couldn't help but be intrigued by a restaurant with no menu, for that is what it is.

After we walked in, the governor showed us to a table, explained that there was a £9.50 a head charge, quizzed us about our likes and dislikes, and then disappeared to go about his business.

First he brought us the wine along with two little spinach and cheese filo pastry parcels, and then shortly after a tray of about a dozen small dishes along with a freshly baked loaf of Greek bread.

"Food to make you live better and longer", he said about half an hour later after we had worked our way through it.

"I feel better already," I said. "When will I start to feel longer?"

Five minutes later, the table was groaning under the weight of the main course; a chicken dish, a lamb dish, and a pork dish plus vegetables. We hunkered down and worked our way through them - delicious.

A honey laced desert arrived. We did our duty by that and courteously declined coffee.

It was a great meal and great value for money. Placing yourself in the hands of an expert who decides on your behalf as opposed to guessing from an unfamiliar menu is a good idea when you are exploring a new cuisine.

As we left I told the chef what a fine old time we had had. "I know what I'm doing", he replied with no hint of false modesty.

Follow the links for our real and imaginary destinations as we eat our way around the world in London.

(I wonder if I will get more traffic than ususal in a post with "Sapphic" in the title in these prurient, "safe search is off" days?)

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