Monday, May 22, 2006

More Local Heroes

Surrey Strings have started organizing and promoting free music on the Abbey Mills bandstand every Saturday and Sunday lunchtime.

I happened to be there on Saturday this week when SW20 - a very young blues band were on - and I have to hand it to the 'Strings people for arranging it and giving the kids somewhere to play.

Next weekend The Mergatroid will be playing on Saturday and apparently featuring "a strange man called Turtlenoise occasionally showing up to hit some bongos, suck off a mouth organ, or play graceful notes on a stylophone".

I don't think I will be back from Bradford Upon Avon in time for that, but I fully intend to be present and correct for the Mop Top Beatles lunchtime on Sunday.

(Can't help but note that both The Mergatroid and SW20 are promoting themselves through

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