Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I went along to see Marc Canter at the bean feast Ian Forrester organised on Monday night and I had a blast. He really is a provocative, larger than life character. (You get a tast of his tone by reading him arguing the toss with various prodnoses about his Wikipedia here)

He was talking about his plans for a new category of software called Digital Lifestyle Aggregators that he is working on with his company Broadband Mechanics.

They are going to be launching their software - perhaps in Beta I can't remember - in June. It seemed to me, in essense, to be a kind of clearing house that could be used for importing and exporting weblog posts, social networks, playlists and preferences etc. between differerent commercial environments or hosts.

Armed with this insight I asked him, "Is it a kind of clearing house?"

"No," he replied, so I guess we are going to have to wait for it to come out to understand. He seemed smart as a whip to me though, so I shall certainly stay tuned.

(PS I approve of the Polar Bear as a venue. £2.55 for a pint of Stella a stone's throw from Leicester Square is not to be sneered at.)

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