Thursday, May 04, 2006


We jumped aboard the number 93 bus to Putney last night to check out, what seems to be the only South African restaurant in London, though God knows there are plenty of of Springbok boozers.

I started with boerewors and chakalaka which was described on the menu as "traditional South African farmer's sausage served with chakalaka - a spicy tomato and onion salsa - and sweet corn miele pap."

(I ordered it by pointing at the menu because it seemed to me that Boerwores must almost certainly be pronounced Boer Wars and I didn't want to get into a Basil Fawlty and the Germans scenario with the waitress.)

Interestingly enough the chakalaka had a strong tang of harissa, and miele pap seemed to be grits. The further we get eating your way around the world in London the more tangled things get, which in a way is the point of the whole exercise.

Paul - entering into the spirit of the thing for once - had a special (crocodile tail salad) to start then kingclip (South Africa’s favourite fish) served with savoury rice, seasonal green vegetables and topped with seafood bisque.

I had grilled springbok loin (which tastes like beef) garnished with red onion marmalade and served with with roast root vegetables and a spinach puree.

We drank a 2002 Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon.

Another continent is blooded in our campaign, follow the links for its real and imaginary destinations.

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