Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ramin Jahanbegloo

I take the liberty, below of republishing an entire post from Normblog.

<<Ramin Jahanbegloo has been arrested by the Iranian intelligence services. Jahanbegloo is a liberal intellectual who has invited western intellectuals to Iran. Michael Ignatieff mentions him here:
I was invited not by the mullah-dominated universities but by the Cultural Research Bureau, an independent center in Tehran that publishes books and runs its own gift shop, gallery and lecture hall. My Iranian host, Ramin Jahanbegloo, works in a tiny shared office at the bureau, inviting foreign guests and building up a small circle of free-minded students whom he lectures on European thought. He and I had never met, but he has published a book of conversations he had as a student with Isaiah Berlin, the Oxford philosopher of liberalism, and I have written a biography of Berlin. We are Berliners.

There is a picture of Jahanbegloo here (scroll down). These two links refer to the arrest (so I'm told). >>

I've got a copy of Jahanbegloo's 'Conversations with Isaiah Berlin' (an old edition picked up for a song from a bargain shop as I recall) a coincidental connection that shouldn't but does amplify my reaction to his plight so I'm posting this immediately to make some small contribution to passing the message along.

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