Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Hero Who Could Fly

Back in August last year I blogged briefly on 'Banks' greatest save', an article in The Times that had moved me.

Earlier today I got an email from Don Mullan, the author saying:

Thanks for putting my Times feature piece of last August 3 up on your web site. You will recall it was about Gordon Banks and the very positive influence he had on me as a child growing up in Ireland.

I thought that you and your readers might be interested to know that my book: 'GORDON BANKS: A Hero Who Could Fly' will be launched this coming Friday in Dublin and Gordon Banks will be attending. It's 128 pages, plus 8 pages of photographs. The cost is £6.99 soft back and £12.49 hard back. Details are available at:

It is my pleasure to pass the message on. Especially since - although I am ashamed to say I think I have lost it - I am sure that I got an email or a comment from the wife of Tom Hathaway - the guy who gave Raybs his book on the bus - saying how much Don Mullan's piece had moved her in turn.

The rich and intricate connections we can make in this new medium never fail to astonish me.

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