Sunday, February 12, 2006

Movie Movie

According to Empire:
Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’ ‘70s exploitation-style passion project Grind is cranking into production.

Each of the directors will helm a 60-minute horror tale that will be combined into one gore-fest. Rodriguez is planning Planet Terror, a zombie movie, while Tarantino is making a slasher called Death Proof. Rodriguez is gearing up to start work on his entry in Texas, though no casting has been announced.

As an intermission between the two flicks, the pair plans to run fake trailers and ads. Tarantino is already considering a fake tease for sexploitation movie titled Cowgirls In Sweden. Other possibilities include a blaxploitation film and a kung-fu movie.

This sounds remarkably similar - in conception- to the 1978 spoof "Movie Movie"which consisted of a black and white, boxing melodrama 'Dynamite Hands' ("We cannot bring Gloves Malloy's death back to life") and the Busby Berkeley-esque 'Baxter's Beauties of 1933' ("one minute you're standing in the wings, and the next minute you're wearin' 'em") separated by a war movie trailer.

Rather wonderfully, Movie Movie was directed by Stanley Donen the director of "Singin' in the Rain".

I caught it on TV years ago. It doesn't seem to be availale on DVD which is a shame.
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