Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dragon Boy

Now that I don't sleep, or think that I don't sleep, or perhaps doze and sleep fitfully, I have the BBC World Service on at a low but audible volume through the night.

At a quarter to five this morning, I heard a great reading by a guy called Lee Ingleby of a fine short story called 'Dragon Boy' written by Abigail Youngman. You should be able to listen to it as well - at least for a while on the "Off the Shelf" home page. It is about the bullying of a Serbian refugee called Dragan at an English primary school.

"Dragon Boy" is the second in a week of stories which were runners up in the recent World Service Short Story Competition which makes me wonder how good the winners were. You can listen to and read the winners here. The text of the runners up doesn't seem to be available unfortunately.

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