Saturday, February 25, 2006

Muay Thai

When I was training with Gordon a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned to him that I had noticed through the window that some sort of a gym had been set up on the ground floor of that notorious blot on the landscape, the Brown and Root Tower.

He told me that it was a Thai Boxing school, that he had known the proprietor - Master Boon - and his son Johnny for years.

Having Jackapong set up on the door step is a little ironic for Raybs, as last year before he broke his knee he was looking for a Muay Thai class after being blown away - as we all were - by Tony Jaa in the move Ong Bak.

Gordon gave me some leaflets and the web address on Wednesday and suggested that it might encourage Raybs to work hard at his physiotherapy if this carrot is dangled in front of him.

According to this article from The Times many Thai children start learning the martial art from the age of four, so I will take my five year old along to watch the kids' class at one o'clock today to see if it is suitable and he fancies it. (I also noticed that The Times says "for excellent one-to-one tuition in London, call Kru Johnny Boon" which does seem to imply top notch training.)

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