Saturday, February 11, 2006

An Anniversary

Exactly a year ago today, I dashed off a brief blog entry about lunching at El Vergel, a Chilean cafe restaurant, then yesterday a Maria Jose added a comment saying:
I have been looking for a chilean place here in london. I am from chile, and yes, a large percentage of people in chile are of german- background. (my grandparents are german) and thus influencing the food. Im glad you enjoyed it.
My husband and I hope to try it out next week!chao!

Blogging is no flash in the pan you know. I get a real kick from the idea that a Chilean exile found the place from my scribblings and graciously took the time to let me know and confirm some of my speculations about the food.

Further, reading the post again brings the whole day back to me (from the unexpected call from Jane - whose jury service had finished early - suggesting it, the long lunch, and the cheeky pint in the pre Tup Victory on the way home). All grounded in time in a way that it simply wouldn't have been before I was keeping this journal.

Some might wonder whether it is a good thing to be experiencing and remembering more richly over a year when much of my life fell apart, but without necessarily going so far as agreeing that "the unexamined life is not worth living", the blog is a definite plus for me.

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