Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Lost Weekend

My brother has come up to London for the England Wales game at Twickenham so today blogging will be light while eating and drinking will be heavy.

In light of his chat before Christmas, we will be brunching at the Lahore Karahi, for:
As the cold weather approaches we forget the whimsical salads and grilled foods and think of slow - cooked foods, that have simmered gently in a pot.

The sensible people of Punjab eat nihari for breakfast. Nihari is a slow cooked lamb curry; the meat is cooked on the bone; the dish gets on the fire in the evening, bubbles away through the night and is served the following morning after about twelve hours'cooking. Nihari should be eaten out of a bowl with fresh nan bread. Lahore Karahi's Nihari is good; it is an epic dish. Very rich, very spicy and with an amazing concentration of flavours and it is resolutely cheap.

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