Sunday, February 05, 2006

My Wife Next Door

A couple of years ago I bought the house next door as an investment and also with a vague plan of perhaps knocking the two semis together as one big family house.

Today - what with one thing and another - I am moving into it while Jane remains at number 13. Who can say how that will work out?

In light of this unusual domestic arrangement, I tried googling the text string "my wife next door" to see if I could make a whimsical reference to, or find an image from, the 1970s TV series of that name that starred John Alderton and Hannah Gordon. Safesearch was off and I got an even bigger shock from the results of the image search than I did last year when I was investigating booty.

It is somehow irresistibly funny however to see the black and white head shot above (ho, ho very satirical) of John Alderton in his Seventies, mustachioed, mega-collared, pomp among all the technicolour porn.

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