Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Set the controls

I realise that it may seem a tad narcissistic always to be going on about my exercise programme and resultant weight loss here but there is something in the action of pressing Blogger's "Publish Post" button that seems to add an appropriate - but not overbearing formality and finality - to observations and even commitments. (I'm pretty sure that Chris has locked in to the same discipline with his teachblog.)

So let it be known that I enter March 2006 at precisely 84kg ( around 13 stone 3) and that I am committed to entering April 2006 weighing less than 13 stone (82.5kg).

Gordon - who is training me now - mentioned the other day that, in his opinion, I would be at a sound, fit weight once I lost another nine or ten pounds. I was delighted with this at it really does correspond with the 80kg target that I plucked out of the air all that time ago.

Thus, I am determined that by the end of May this year I will weigh under 80kg - around 3 stone less than I weighed at the same point in 2005.

I'm bearing witness to it here because I am convinced that the reason I got fat in the first place was that I lost awareness of how much poundage I had actually gained. Once I get below 80kg I am not going over again. (Cool that I have lost the first 30 pounds of this without going on a diet at all.)

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