Sunday, March 05, 2006

On the Waterfront

After having my interest in it piqued the other day - by the reference to Terry's weight in the shooting script - I picked up a copy of 'On the Waterfront' on DVD in Sainsbury's for £5.99.

I watched it this afternoon - and as I know the movie so well - listened to the Richard Schickel and Jeff Young commentary. I didn't learn a lot from the commentary although, as the actual soundtrack of the movie is turned down so low when it is on, I did discover - through its absence - how important Bernstein's score is to the movie.

The DVD also has an added bonus feature "Contender: Mastering The Method Featurette " about the famous taxi scene. Watching that I found that in the film, Terry's fighting weight was 168lb rather than 175.

Rather appropriately on this day of days, that makes him a super middleweight like Joe Calzaghe rather than a light heavyweight.

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