Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Vin Diesel Facts

It has been too long - nearly a year in fact - since we had any Vin Diesel facts:
Vin Diesel made a food chart that adds a necessary food group: The souls of your enemies.

Vin Diesel's voice cannot be heard by God's ears.

It is believed by most that Vin Diesel does not feel the need to eat, but does so out of habit. His favourite dishes include the despair of the innocent, the last breath of the dying, and spaghetti bolognaise.

If you pay close attention to the background of Zoolander, you can see Vin Diesel hog-tying a blue whale through an aquarium window.

Has a button installed behind his right ear labeled 'sparkles'. It is unclear what this button does exactly.

The only language he can not speak is English. All his voice work is over dubbed by James Earl Jones, but heavily modified by software to be unrecognizable. His lip movements are synched up via hand manipulation of the source film.

Vin Diesel single-handedly broadcasts much of Central America's television from his mind.

Vin Diesel can count backwards from infinity, but only if you double-dog dare him.

Vin Diesel's favorite movie is Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. But if he finds out you know that, he will corrode your soul.

It is not laughter that is the best medicine, but Vin Diesel.

Vin Diesel passed up the opportunity to star in 2 Fast 2 Furious because he was exactly 3 Fast 3 Furious to be caught on film.

Vin Diesel is the link between fission and fusion.

Vin Diesel eats his weight in Tom Cruise every morning.

It takes Vin Diesel 6 cases of beer, 2 handles of vodka, 4 bottles of wine, 3 gallons of rubbing alcohol, and 17 Tic-Tacs just to get a buzz.

Verne Troyer is the result of someone feeding Vin Disel after midnight.

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