Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Private Eye

As I referred to a long running Private Eye feature with my last post, I had a quick gander at the esteemed organ's website. I see that they are sticking it to Sir Ian Blair as well.

I've put a copy of the cover on the left and I have to admit that it is quite funny, but I remember writing in support of Sir Ian back in August when everyone was calling for his head.

Although I can't remember anyone in the media taking the same line at the time, these days blogs give us access to a wider variety of opinion. Here is some comment from Police blogs. I think that they widen the debate.

Another Constable: Death of an Innnocent

The Special Constable's Blog: Special Propaganda

The Policeman's Blog: IPCC

The last one is especially interesting I think. It says:

Anyone whose callsign is on the Jean Charles de Menezes serial is in for a few bowel-loosening moments at the hands of the ongoing IPCC investigation. In fact, those concerned probably realised the game was up when the Superintendent sat them all down and said, �You will have the full support of both myself and the Metropolitan Police.�

I think that is exactly the morale sapping reaction that the Commissioner was worred about, which is why I commented at the time that:

My impression is that, especially from July 22 onwards, the main intended audience for Sir Ian's public pronouncements has been his own officers, and that his main message has been to reassure them that they will not be hung out to dry if they make honest mistakes in tacking the deadly menace that confronts us.

I realise that this is probably a minority view.

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