Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Hoist by his own petard?

A police force is considering whether to investigate Tony Blair over an alleged slur against the Welsh.

Former Downing Street spin doctor Lance Price claimed in his diaries that the Prime Minister repeatedly made derogatory remarks about the Welsh while watching the disappointing results of the Assembly elections in 1999.

The claim was made in a draft version of the diaries, but toned down in the final published version.

North Wales Police confirmed it had received a complaint about the alleged comment and was seeking the advice of the Crown Prosecution Service.

I have gone on record here again and again and again with regard to my implacable opposition to hate crime legislation. There is an ungallant part of me however that would very much enjoy seeing Tony Blair up before the beak accused of it. That it was anti-Welsh prejudice would simply sweeten the dish.

In all honesty though I imagine the things that he allegedly said about the Welsh back in '99 are small beer compared to things I say about him whenever his perma-grinning visage pops up on my screen.

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