Saturday, September 10, 2005

Land of Hope

I'm off to Cardiff today to meet up with my brothers and watch the boxing. Joe Calzaghe is fighting and Amir Khan is on the undercard.

I think Calzaghe is pretty much bound to win, but I hope it doesn't turn out to be a valedictory performance as he's due to fight IBF king Jeff Lacy in a title unification bout in November. Its amazing to think that he has held a world title longer than any other current boxing champion at any weight.

According to the Times today, Khan said, "Joe deserves more support than me. Look at what he has achieved in the sport. He�s been a world champion for eight years � it�s brilliant, isn�t it?"

He seems to be some sort of genius for always saying the right thing. I think that the lessons of Hamed's big mouth have been well learned at Team Khan. I wonder if his Dad has got much to do with it. I remember thinking in the Olympics that his Union Jack waistcoat was a bigger made a bigger contribution to harmony in the UK than Trevor Phillips and the Commission for Racial Equality ever managed.

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