Thursday, September 29, 2005

deceptive grasshopper elbow

peaceful mist jab
murderous dragon forehead
jumping shadow vengeance
roaring panda shield
mongolian buddha smash
dancing willow protection
celestial fox-woman fist
seven turtle pounce
yellow emperor's cricket hand
I didn't realise that I needed an internet generator of absurd names for imaginary Kung Fu techniques but now that I have one, I wonder how I ever lived without it.

Which reminds me - for reasons no doubt buried, for good reason, deep in my subconscious - I developed my own insult generation algorithm on the way to work the other day. I haven't got round to coding a generator by it goes like this.

You've the "elevated quality" of an "everyday inanimate object", you "Anglo Saxon obscenity" "vehicle"!


You've the morals of a cupboard, you w**k wagon!

You've the integrity of a fish tank, you f**k truck!

You've all the fashion sense of a tree trunk, you c**t bike!

Use it wisely.

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