Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Line of Sight

Via Arts and Letters Daily:

The applicant had the experience he'd need as a chef: he knew how a busy kitchen works, knew the trade lingo. Plus, he even loved Hegel. And, oh yes, he was blind... more

That reminds me, I was once talking to my guitar teacher about perfect pitch telling him about a friend who realised he had it when music he was following on a score seemed wrong because it was in a different key to the performance. The teacher told me that his father was a piano tuner with perfect pitch which reminded me in turn of a blind piano tuner who had come to our house when I was a boy.

"My Dad knows a deaf piano tuner," said my instructor.

"That's amazing," I said imagining some paragon who could sense vibrations through his finger tips and tune accordingly.

"Not really," came the reply. "He's useless. My old man keeps having to go round to sort out the messes that he's made."

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