Friday, September 09, 2005

Paul Whitehouse: WBI

According to the IMDB, Paul Whitehouse was born in Cardiff in 1958. I had no idea.

This cannot but mean that nonsensical football pundit Ron Manager; the accident-prone northern pensioner Unlucky Alf who greets his every accident with a resigned 'Bugger'; the enthusiastic but gullible young northern lad who considers everything 'brilliant'; the rambling, brain-addled gentlemen's club member Rowley Birkin QC who is always 'very, very drunk'; the ducking-and-diving wide boy Chris Jackson, aka 'The Crafty Cockney', who, being a 'geezer, a little bit tasty, a little bit wooor and a little bit waayyy', will 'nick anything'; Archie, the sad old character in a pub who, in order to strike up a conversation, claims to have done the stranger's occupation 'for 30 years, man and boy', noting that 'it's the hardest job in the world'; plus the 13th Duke of Wymbourne, an old scoundrel who looks into the camera and asks suggestively what he should be doing semi-clad in a schoolgirls' changing room are all Welsh Born Icons.


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