Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Wake Up!

A PUB landlord who collapsed after working 90 hours a week has won a landmark legal ruling that could stop employees being forced to endure 'excessive' hours.

Mark Hone, 45, who was named Pub Manager of the Year by his brewery in 1998, was sent to the Old Moat House in Luton the following year and soon found himself working 13-hour days. By 2000, he was suffering headaches and insomnia and visited his GP.


In May 2000, he collapsed at work suffering from an anxiety disorder. In July last year, Mr Hone, who lives in Swansea, sued the brewery for breaching a duty of care to him.

He was awarded �21,000 and the firm appealed against the decision but it was thrown out by three judges at Cardiff Crown Court. Mr Hone's solicitor said the judgment was a 'wake-up call' to bosses who do not have working-time policies in place.

My brother John is the solicitor. Fame at last.

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