Thursday, July 21, 2005

Thump the Clouds

I thought I had summoned the lyrics of Shield Hill up from my memory earlier this week, but I have just remembered that there was a middle eight.

There's different kinds of natural wastage
And voluntary redundancy.
I've seen enough people wasted and, my Lord,
It don't seem so natural to me.

Oh dear me. Time has not been kind I thought the ersatz Bruce Springsteen of the verses and chorus were bad enough, but that is ersatz Billy Bragg.

Strangely enough, I could have sworn that I saw Phil - who played bass on the song - in Charlotte Church's band performing "Crazy Chick" on Top of the Pops at the end of May. I've Googled up a solo of his from a Sax Appeal song called, but of course it is, "CHEE-O-WA-WA CHA CHA". Press play and listen while you read the fine joke I have put below it.

A missionary goes to the most remote part of jungle. As soon as he arrives in the village he is to visit, he hears drums beating wildly in the distance. He asks the Chief what the drums mean. The Chief's reply is "Drums play, good. Drums stop, bad."

During the missionary's entire month long stay he frequently asks the Chief about the continuous drumming. The Chiefs reply is always the same. "Drums play good. Drums stop bad."

Finally as the missionary is leaving he asks the Chief again about the drumming. The Chief says "Drums play, g..."

"I know, I know" says the missionary. "Drums play, good. Drums stop, bad. But why is it bad when the drums stop?"

The Chief shakes his head and says, "when drums stop, bass solo."

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