Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Four Fags From Fulham

Channel surfing last night, I was absolutely astonished to see Laurence Fox interviewing Donald Trump. It is true that I was vaguely aware that Fox had taken over the Nigel Farage show on GB News but for all that the Donald was just on audio rather than video, it does seem like quite a coup.

Also, Fox seemed quite comfortable and articulate running an hour's TV. (Granted I only actually watched some of it.) I had always assumed due to the media coverage he gets that he was a spoiled half-wit. More fool me it would seem.

Here are some photos of rehearsals for PG's new play. He walks up to the Riverside from his flat to direct them along with Alice. The connection is tenuous, but I am pretty sure I remember him telling me that he thought Laurence Fox would have been good in one of the roles.

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