Wednesday, October 12, 2022


Nick Draper is joined by Spike Godding and Rob Boyce to discuss the latest issues around Plough Lane, including the departure of Joe Palmer as Chief Executive, and the daft surrender of a two-goal lead at home to Doncaster. Why did Palmer leave, and why could we not see out a first win in 14 games?
Spike and his niece Kara when I popped in to CITW for a flat white on Saturday morning. Greetings were exchanged and fat was chewed. Later when I was in the Standard for the Arsenal Liverpool game, I was told he had been invited to the Emirates on corporate hospitality. The Gunners wanted to pick his brains it seems about the Wimbledon AFC podcast with which he is involved. I had been peripherally aware of that before but "never paid it no mind." The YouTube embed above is an example of it. Truth be told I haven't listened to it yet. A blip on the radar worth investigating though I would suggest.

Apple, Spotify, YouTube and Website boxes ticked. They don't seem to be messing about.

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