Monday, October 03, 2022

Megan Vegan

Megan will be back this weekend and has put in another order for the burritos I have have been making for her to take to college since February (passim). I though that was quick work, I only delivered the last batch a fortnight or so ago, but it seems her flatmates and friends have developed a taste for them as well. I am secretly flattered and pleased as punch. 

There is a caveat though, now that the client list is longer we need a vegan option. I had to pop down the little local Co-op this morning, so I checked the list of ingredients on the tortilla wraps. No animal products to that is good to go.

The other things I will need to replace in my original recipe are pulled pork and cheese. I don't know anything about vegetarian cheese but I imagine sourcing it is reasonably straightforward*. Pulled vegan jack-fruit will take the place of the pork. Here's a recipe from BBC Good Food.

*Violife original flavour grated

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