Sunday, October 03, 2021


All women know they are prey – and that no one with any authority seems to care

Marina Hyde

Back on my soap box:

When I did my jury service seven years ago it was a case involving a prowler assaulting a series of girls and women on a Friday evening just up the road from here; Tooting IN BROAD DAYLIGHT!

Of all the people who saw the incidents, the only two men with enough cojones to confront the circumstances directly were a Brazilian and a Pole. All the Brits "passed by on the other side." If those two immigrants, both of whom needed translators in court, hadn't been there things would have been far, far worse. I take my hat off to them. There should have been a scheme that doled them out gongs and cash and leave to remain here as long as they like.

Is emasculinity a word? It bleedin' ought to be. We should confront, and our sons should be brought up to confront, predators immediately and directly. Wouldn't cure the problem entirely granted, but it would diminish it immeasurably.

(Now I come to think of it, I should be very proud that Frankie trusted me enough to drive her daughter and her two grand children home in the pouring rain yesterday.)

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