Thursday, October 28, 2021


 After going to see part one a week ago Saturday, I was pleased to read that after impressive initial box office takings and rave reviews, the next instalment has the green light aiming for an October 2023 release date.

As I wrote at the time, three hundred and forty odd into the 1,001 Arabian Nights I was interested to see how much of the book's Islamic/Arab/Bedouin influence it retained and I am still chewing on that question.

I wonder if this session could be in my future?

3pm Eastern Standard time in November works out as 8pm in the UK I think. What else would have have to do at that time on a Saturday night?

I polished off the 347th Arabian Night today which means that, if there really are 1,001 we will be finishing on August 13th 2023. If the "orphan" tales, such as Aladdin, added by Galland who got them from Hanna Diyab, sit outside the Nights' framing story with Scheherazade we may well be finishing just as the new film arrives.

That said, it has struck my that the Arabian Nights - at least so far - are predominantly, though not exclusively urban and very far from the sands of Arrakis. 

When I got in yesterday evening, I started to see strange parallels between the Arabian Nights and the Acts of the Apostles; trials and jeopardy in cities around the Mediterranean interspersed with perilous voyages, mostly by sea. It still needs work but I wonder if I am on to something; if only about storytelling structure and tradition.

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