Tuesday, August 23, 2022

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons

An unforeseen side-effect of writing one thing a day down on these spindrift pages, is that - as a rule - I can find a glancing reference to anything approaching significance in my life and locate it in the space-time continuum. 

Thus, when the Burglar told me that his colostomy reversal is scheduled for the thirty first of the month, Icons passim told me that the original operation was on September 13th last year so he will have been living with the stoma for all but a fortnight shy of twelve months.

To put it in context, the NHS Guidance says "a colostomy reversal will only be carried out when you're in good health and have fully recovered. This will usually be at least 3 months after the initial colostomy surgery." A year as opposed to a quarter thereof is, I suppose, another indication of the Health Service's struggles. I'm not blaming anyone, I am just pointing it out. (Actually I am blaming people, that was just a prudent blanket disclaimer.)

More breathless front page news; as I link my posts to the same day last year I can see that it was (Icons passim) exactly five years ago that Rod, John and I reconvened in the Half Moon more than thirty years after we shared a flat opposite. Fingers crossed (both of them being continent-hopping International Men of Mystery) we are due to do it again towards the end of next month.

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