Monday, August 29, 2022

Elders and Betters

I stopped off in Hammersmith on the way back from Cardiff yesterday, for my regular appointment taking PG on his weekly grocery shop, then gossiping over a coffee in the Plum Cafe, COFX or Truth. He owns his flat (ground floor with a garden) and lives independently for all that it is retirement housing.

There was a woman in front of me on the path as I was strolling towards his door. This sort of situation always makes me uncomfortable, because I don't know if I might spook someone by seeming to be following her, or spook her even more by accelerating and overtaking. No need to worry on this occasion. She turned around, flashed me a smile and said hello. "Hello," I replied. "I'm Nick. I've come to visit Peter in number fifty seven." We strolled along talking about the weather until I had to turn left up the path and ring his bell.

We bumped into her again an hour or so later on the way back from coffee after Waitrose. She was putting some stuff into the recycling bin and PG introduced her to me more formally as a fellow resident.

I dunno. Wouldn't life be better if people were just nicer, friendlier and more polite on the street? That said I have zero experience of walking around as a single female. Possibly, on hearing grunting while taking a shortcut through the park, it might not be prudent to introduce yourself with a megawatt grin to whoever is hiding in the foliage.

Well that's me failing to solve the world's problems for another day. Same time tomorrow?

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