Saturday, February 19, 2022

Nice to see you, to see Eunice

 I lost a couple of fence panels to Storm Eunice yesterday. I will ask Alex D if he can repair them. The fence with concrete supports that he put up on the other side of the garden this time last year sailed through the storm with flying colours.

Small potatoes. The great storm of 1987; now that was a  was a violent extratropical cyclone for you. I remember staring it down in Wainwright Grove before dressing for dinner as the family's winning combination of insouciance and tradition demanded.

"Languid, thoroughbred, nonchalant with a certain innate recklessness under the impassive calm of habit." Baroness Orczy (from memory). A quote I remember from the stack of Readers Digests in the upstairs loo at 57 Heol Lewis growing up. Dear old dad still casts a long shadow over my extravagant turns of phrase.

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