Friday, February 11, 2022

Ziggy played for "time gentlemen please, ain't you got no 'omes to go to?'

time & leisure

10 February marks the 50th anniversary of a musical milestone when David Bowie introduced the world to his Ziggy Stardust persona at the Toby Jug pub in Tolworth.

Let's just take five minutes out of our busy lives to wonder at that marvelous sentence (written no doubt next door, time and leisure being in the office adjacent to mine).

The juxtaposition of Ziggy Stardust and Tolworth fifty years ago last night is particularly satisfying. Tolworth is about six miles from here, down the A3. When Ben was playing junior rugby every away game seemed to be down the A3.

The Toby Jug gives me a mental image of a pre-fame Bowie turning up out of the blue in full Ziggy rig to play the Standard in the 'Wood. What I wouldn't give to see Trevor's reaction to that.

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