Monday, February 21, 2022

Winter On Fire

I watched this movie on Netflix yesterday. (Fill your boots at It is undeniably moving though I find its goodies versus baddies premise naive. See it yourself though and make up your own mind.

I've written before (passim) of Rod telling me about Luhansk being twinned with Cardiff. 'Panic, Total Panic': People Fleeing Occupied Luhansk Describe Growing Fear, Confusion Radio Free Europe yesterday.

There's a word bathos defined as "an effect of anticlimax created by an unintentional lapse in mood from the sublime to the trivial or ridiculous." Anyway, according to Wales Online, and you have to be from Cardiff truly to understand this, Frank Hennessey performed in Luhansk in 1986. I sincerely take my hat off to him, but it is quite a juxtaposition with the news this morning.

‘I’m Luhansk born and Luhansk bred, and when I dies, I’ll be Luhansk dead’.


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