Sunday, February 27, 2022

quite cured of seeking pleasure in society

 My niece, who is at Central, took me to see Wuthering Heights in the National Theatre last night and mentioned is passing that Katy Owen who was in the cast had taught her at Royal Welsh. I googled her this morning and IMDB told me that she is also in the Dinklage Cyrano movie (passim), that I want to see this week.

I got a message from Lee early in the afternoon saying there was a spare ticket for AFC Wimbledon if I fancied it. I told him I was grateful but couldn't make it as I was committed to seeing as much of the England Wales six nations match as I could before striking out for the South Bank. He asked me what I was going to see at the NT, as he had been there the night before at Small Island.

Small Island? Small world.

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