Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Counseluh, you are the engine that drives this foim

Thoity-six objections sustained, tree overruled; fawteen summary judgements sought, toiteen ranite, eighteen movments to voice fuh Respondent's prejudice, eighteen ranite which is a hunnut pissent, Twelve cawt days on the Rexrawt case alone; tree hunut'n twenty billable hours paralegal soivicies; four hunnut'n two billable associate counsel and consultative; six hunnut'n eighty billable at full attorney rate and eighty five lunches charged. Counseluh, you are the engine that drives this foim.
Though I adopted Miles Massey's fixed grin as my brother was talking to me about work last night, the scene above is what was playing through my mind. Sophie love, there's more to life than paralegal soivicies you can still think again!

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