Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Where's the beef?

National Cyber Security Centre
Huawei, 5G, and new US sanctions: round-up of NCSC publications
A round-up of publications that explain changes to the NCSC’s advice on ‘managing High Risk Vendors within UK telecommunications networks’.
Well, I have read the bulk of this and I am none the wiser. Broadly is is tautological and disingenuous.
The new US sanction announced in May 2020 means that Huawei is very unlikely to be able to continue to use US technology and software in the design and manufacture of its products. The NCSC has looked very closely at the impact of these changes on the UK and no longer considers that the UK will be able to manage the security risks of using affected Huawei technology in our future 5G networks.
I would be interested if anyone can explain how the second sentence follows from the first in the paragraph above.

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