Wednesday, July 08, 2020

They don't care

Whitehall sources suggested on Tuesday night that some care bosses "must accept their share of the blame" for the epidemic in care homes, which is thought to have cost at least 20,000 lives.
"Obviously the Government has to face up to the fact that much of the guidance came too late, and the personal protection equipment (PPE) and testing was a disaster," the senior source said. "But some of these, care providers are no angels either."
Just when we thought the government couldn't get any more shameless and cynical, it has started briefing anonymously against carers in the fallout from Boris' ridiculous outburst the day before yesterday.

My mother is in a home where a resident has just been diagnosed with COVID-19 and my father is in a home where the same thing has happened to a staff member. I haven't seen either of them since February and there is no chance now that I will see them before August.

Welcome to Johnson’s alternative reality – where care home workers get the blame: Marina Hyde.
...... the government is officially blaming care home workers for the deaths of people in care homes – and, presumably, blaming care home workers for the deaths of care home workers themselves. According to Boris Johnson, a Cobra-dodging handshake-nut who was blamelessly “mugged” by the virus himself, “too many care homes didn’t really follow the procedures in the way that they could have”.

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