Monday, June 10, 2019

Festum Fatuorum

My brother went to see my mum yesterday and asked her how my visit on Tuesday went. We had a great time apparently and I took her out ten pin bowling. This is news to me, and I would imagine the surgeon who operated on her hip as she has been using a walking frame to get about ever since.

Also yesterday, I got an email that signed off:
My pronouns are: She/Her
Without going full Jordan Peterson in reaction that is a first for me.

A Mad World, My Masters.


Simon Brunning said...

I've been showing my pronouns in my email signature for a couple of years now. Do it, it's a good thing!

Nick Browne said...

Well I never. This is all new to me. Arising out of that reply, what is your take on possessive pronouns? My, mine, our, ours, its, his, her, hers, their, theirs, your and yours; these are all words that demonstrate ownership. Surely Proudhon's "What is Property?" killed that fatted calf as long ago as 1840.

Simon Brunning said...

I think you can safely extrapolate possessive pronouns from whatever someone has given - i.e. they/them -> their, she/her -> her, he/him -> his. And if it's not obvious, I think it's always OK to ask.

Even if there were no property, we'd still need possessive pronouns - "Simon's eyes are blue, and his opinions are preposterous".

Nick Browne said...