Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A solid start

The Old Ruts U14s are sitting pretty at the top of the league after they absolutely slaughtered Camberley on Sunday.

The result has gone down as 40-0, but the competition has a wise rule that games are stopped before they turn into an embarrassment for the losing side.

This is very encouraging as we only beat them 15-5 last year (Icons passim) and just nudged above them in the final league table as we had one more bonus point.

There was a scare early on when a boy the Bomber tackled didn't get up from the resulting ruck or maul. An ambulance was called but luckily we heard from the Camberley coach later.
" He has had x-Rays and a CT scan which have just come back as ok. The X-ray showed an area of concern hence the CT but the scanning centre and Dr were happy he is ok, if not a little sore."
Ben was a lot more worried than he let on. When we got back to watch the B team in league 5 (we didn't know what the hospital verdict was then) he just walked home lost in his thoughts. Jane told me how anxious he was in a text message.

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